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Just a Quick ‘Tip’

High Heels

I have two pairs of black heels. One are Saturday night, 6-inch-high killer stilettos, and the other are modest, pointed-toe low heels for every day office wear. Needless to say these two pairs of shoes are my staples; I wear them more often than perhaps any other pairs in my collection (which is unfortunately not very vast due to my student wage).  My only real grievance with wearing heels (I’ll skip the sore balls, blisters and aching ankles for now because this applies to low heels as well) is when the lovely clip-clop sound of you walking into the tiled floor of your office building turns into a somewhat embarrassing clip-CLACK. Or when you look at your stilettos Sunday morning to find one of them is missing that little rubber tip.  You let out a sigh, making a mental note to stop by Mister Minit next time you’re at the shops to get them fixed. Alas! I have found another way! Enter

I stumbled across this little web site courtesy of my sister and thought I’d share it with those who may not have encountered it yet. You can purchase a whole range of heel tips in varying sizes and shapes and they even provide instructions on how to repair your precious heels at home (it’s, like, really easy). Oh and the bonus? You guessed it; it’s way cheaper than paying Mister Grubby-Hands Minit to repair them.  

You’re welcome.

P.S Once your heel tips have arrived in the mail and you are ready to follow those instructions I mentioned, just a small piece of advice; make sure you use a large, actual, dad-would-use-them pair of pliers. The petit ones you use for jewellery making just won’t do. Believe me, I tried.

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