Wouldn’t It Be Quicker If …

Let me preface this post by saying that I’m as eager as anyone to learn new things. When reading on you might find yourself thinking I’m a bit judgmental, perhaps impatient. But hey, we’re all friends here, right? Warning; a quiet yet important rant is about to ensue.

Do you ever find yourself needing to explain to someone how to do something, only to discover that it would have taken you half that amount of time to just do it yourself?  In a scenario where you are training someone else – teaching them how to do something that is imperative to their success – is excluded from this grievance I am raising; for example, teaching a child how to tie their shoelaces is rather important despite the time taken in comparison to tying for them. My frustration lies in when I am placed on the other side of this situation; when I’m the one being (unnecessarily) taught.

 I get annoyed when I have to sit and be taught how to successfully complete a task that could be done in half the time by the person teaching me. If it is something useful or necessary for me to know then fine; frustration sets in when the reason the ‘teacher’ is palming the task off to me is so they can work on something ‘more pressing’ and the task being taught is not actually in my job description nor does it register on my interest radar. Don’t you think it would be more efficient to just do the task in question yourself, whereby allowing you to get onto the more pressing matters sooner?  Meanwhile I could be working on the other tasks piled in front of me that I already know how to do independently? Seems to me this would result in a lot more work getting done in a lot less time. Is anyone hearing what I’m saying here?

This whole time efficiency grievance applies to so many things. Would you write a note saying “The letter on your desk needs to be addressed to Mr and Mrs Smith at 6 Smith Way, Smithville”, or would you just address the bleeding letter?!

I rest my case.

Image Credit: http://www.landingnet.co.uk/blog/internet-time-wasting/


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